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05 January 2011 @ 10:00 pm
Tutorial: Crediting.  
See something you want to use, but not sure how to credit? Read ahead!

For Icons

First, you need an icon. I'll be using one of my own, for example:

Once you have a copy saved on your own Computer, go to the Edit Userpics page and upload it using the form.

When you load the icon up, there are two sections to fill in: 'Keywords' and 'Comments'.
-The Keywords section belongs to the name of your icon, something to help you recall what it is.
-The Comments section is where you credit who made the icon you're using. (in this case, as this is one of my icons, the artist is Allucinor). The LJ way of showing a link is using the code:

And that's all there is to it. It's fast and simple to credit those hardworking icon makers :).

For Layouts

When dealing with layouts (this includes userinfo's), there obviously isn't a set spot to credit where you got it from. The easiest way to add this information is to put a short line of code into your userinfo, or, if you have one, into the sidebar of your layout. This way, other people can easily find where you got it from!

Feel free to use the following -


Once again, it's as simple as that!

For Manips

As with layouts, there is no set area for adding credit for manipulations. However, it still can be simple to add credit for the original maker of whatever you are using.

So. If you use a manip...

In an icon:
As with following the rules for icon crediting above, you use the 'Comments' section to credit. While you can credit yourself for making the manip into an icon size, just remember to also add who made the manip showing in said icon:

In a layout/userinfo:
This works similar to a layout itself in that you add a line of credit either in your sidebar (if your style has one), or in your userinfo. You can use this code:

For Mood Themes

There is no set spot for crediting mood themes, so the easiest is generally to list it in your userinfo or any public spot (ie. layout sidebar) where people can see it so they know where to go to use it, too!

You can use this code: